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A Photochemist investigates the chemical effects of light.  Photochemistry is a chemical reaction caused by absorption of ultraviolet, visible light or infrared radiation or a reaction that produces light. Photochemists may be interested in spectroscopy- splitting up light into it’s different colours to find out about the properties of the object being studied. They may be interested in photosynthesis, the way a plant generates energy from light. They may also study animals who use bioluminescence to signal to other animals or to lure prey.

Attributes: observant, curious, communicator

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Tag Archive for: light

The Solar Physicist

Constellation Tubes

Do you want to look at the stars but don’t own a telescope? Make a constellation tube and you can see the stars whenever you want to. All you need is a cardboard tube, a sharp pencil, scissors, glue and our constellation printout.

Make a moon flipbook

Have you ever wondered why the Moon seems to be different shapes on different nights? Make this flipbook to track the Moon phases over a month using a print out, scissors and staples, tape or a clip.

Sun Dial

Can you tell the time without looking at your watch or phone? This activity uses some card, two pencils and some sticky tack to let you tell the time using the sun.

Reflective mobiles

Have you ever wondered what causes different materials to sparkle and shine? Make these reflective mobiles using any sparkly materials you have in your home, scissors, glue and string.


Make a spinning top from card and a short pencil and explore how your eyes see colour by spinning your top and recording what you can see.

Shadow tubes

Discover how to create shadows using a toilet roll tube, a torch, some cling film and materials such as paper, stickers or foil.


The Optical Engineer