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Large boxes. Small boxes. Boxes with packing chips. Boxes with inflatable air cushions. Boxes with other boxes inside them. Boxes of boxes. Think Physics is all about the cardboard. And, of course, about the potential contained therein. Take this, for example:


In the eyes of a physicist, a rubber mallet allows us to solve all engineering problems.

Also in our deliveries this week: a significant portion of the European Glue-Gun Mountain; soldering stations; an audio amplifier; power supplies; cutting mats; laser-cutter acrylic; mitre boxes and saws; colour filtering goggles for primary-age kids; a microphone handgrip; and a Dynalite Pro 2, which we think is some sort of microscope.

Now we’re just waiting for the construction kit which helps us to make things with the cardboard boxes to arrive.

Tag Archive for: materials

Greg Bowie

Biomedical materials engineer Greg is featured in the Inventive Podcast. Join him to find out how the structures he designs help injuries heal.

Tag Archive for: materials

Plastic bag storer

Reuse your empty milk containers and create a handy plastic bag storer!

Build a nest

Use materials you find around your house to build a nest to keep an egg safe.

Blowing bubbles using a straw

Use things you can find in your kitchen to blow huge bubbles on your table!

Science for Families: Oobleck

Gooey, oozey, blobby… ah, the wonders of cornflour starch.


Our simple magnetism activities for primary – check back as this resource grows!

Giraffe on a Raft

Exploring materials testing using rafts and… giraffes. Key Stage 1 workshop covering floating and sinking, and working scientifically.