NUSTEM at Burradon Community Primary School 2022-2023

NUSTEM is an outreach group based at Northumbria University. We believe that STEM should be accessible to everyone, for study and for pleasure, from early years, through school, to employment, and beyond. We support children, families and teachers to feel more confident that a career in STEM is for ‘people like them’.

Your child or children have been using one of our NUSTEM loans boxes in class. NUSTEM loans boxes are linked to STEM careers and contain original objects and replicas that can be handled and used as part of classroom activities.  While using the resources in the boxes, children get the opportunity to try out and explore some of the skills, techniques, equipment and ideas that STEM professionals use on a day-to-day basis.

By Lipton sale at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0, half term, children in Key Stage 1 have been using our Meteorology and Weather loans box. For more information and activities to try at home, visit our Meteorology and Weather loans box page.


Children in Year 3 have been using our Paleontology loans box. For more information and activities to try at home, visit our Paleontology loans box page.



Other children in Key Stage 2 have been using our Structural Engineer loans box. For more information and activities to try at home, visit our Structural Engineers loans box page.


EYFS Water Loans Box June – July 2022

This half term, Burradon Primary have borrowed our EYFS Water loans box. To find out more about the loans box and to try a related activity at home, click:

Water loans box

8th December Year 6 Glaciologists

Today Year 6 have been finding out about what happens underneath the ice in Antarctica. They then wrote their own poem about this. To Find out more and read some poems by children in other schools, visit our Underneath the Ice website page. You may even find their poems there soon!

6th December KS1 Materials Scientists

Today Key Stage 1 children became materials scientists and investigated materials using weight, electricity and magnets. Why not investigate how strong the materials in your home are by trying our NUSTEM at home Bridge Building activity?

EYFS Meteorologists at Burradon

Today the children in Reception and Nursery became meteorologists. They were looking at the wind in particular and made windsocks and kites. A great activity for your meteorologist to try at home is the NUSTEM at home reflective mobile. All you need are any shiny materials you can find in your home and some glue.

Thursday 6th February 2020 Year 4 Materials Scientists

Today, Year 4 became materials scientists, testing the properties of different materials and deciding what they could be used for. Click here to find out more about what materials scientists do and for fun activities to try at home.

Tuesday 26th November Year 1 Family Structural Engineers and Year 6 Environmental Planners

This morning, Year 1 and their families became structural engineers. They designed and built bridges, then tested them to see which were the strongest.

After that, Year 6 became environmental planners and used maps to discover how finding out about the past can help us to predict the future. To find out more about environmental planners, click here. Year 6 also looked at maps to see how Burradon has changed over the last two centuries. To have a look at similar historical maps, follow this link:




5th November 2019 Year 5 Astronomers

This afternoon Year 5 became astronomers and found out about the development of the telescope throughout history and women in astronomy.  They also discovered what stars are made from and how astronomers know this by analysing the light from the stars. To find out more about astronomy and to try activities at home, click here.

Monday 21st October Year 3 Geologists and KS2 Family Workshop

This afternoon, Year 3 became geologists, observing and investigating meteorites which are rocks from space. To find out more about geology, click here.

After school, Key Stage 2 families became wind turbine engineers, designing the blades for wind turbines and testing them to see which shape would turn the turbine the quickest. Click here for more information and activities.

Tuesday 17th September 2019 Reception Bubbles

Look Bubbles!

Today Reception children had fun with bubbles and predicted what would happen if they blew bubbles with different shaped wands. Click here for more bubble information and activities.