Wednesday 21st December Year 5 Underneath the Ice

Today Year 5 visited Thinklab at Northumbria University and became ice core scientists. They travelled to the Antarctic and discovered what we can find out about the past from air bubbles trapped in the ice. The children used this as inspiration to write their own poetry. To find out more about the Antarctic and to see the completed poems, visit our Underneath the Ice page.

6th December Year 3 and 4 Geologists

Iron meteorite from Chaco, Argentina. One of the ‘Campo del Cielo’ fragments first found in 1576.

This morning Year 3 and 4 became geologists and investigated rocks from space. For more information about geologists and meteorites, visit our Geologist page.

To use objects from around your home to create your own meteorite impact craters- just like those we can see on the moon, visit our STEM at Home Impact Craters page.

1st December Year 1 Naval Architects

Today, Year 1 became naval architects. They designed, built and tested their own boats.

To discover how to design, build and test a boat with tin foil, visit our STEM at Home tin foil boats page.

Monday 28th March Year 1 Naval Architects

Today Year 1 became naval architects and designed and made boats. To try our activity at home using a piece of tin foil and some coins, go to our NUSTEM at home foil boats page.

Thursday 25th March Year 2 Systems Engineers

As part of their prize for winning the cress growing competition, Year 2 became systems engineers and built amazing marble runs this morning. Visit our NUSTEM at home marble run page to find out how to build a marble run at home using cardboard and tape.

Monday 21st March EYFS Meteorologists

This week Reception and Nursery are thinking about the weather, so today we have been meteorologists, thinking about and investigating different types of weather. We have some activities you might like to do at home:

Reflective mobiles- make a sun catcher for your window sill or garden using anything shiny that you can find.

Wind socks- discover which direction the wind is blowing from and how hard it is blowing using plastic bags and empty pop bottles.

Sundials- tell the time using the sun, a pencil and a piece of card.

9th February 2022 Year 5 and 6 Underneath the Ice

Today Year 5 and  6 children have been finding out about what happens underneath the ice in Antarctica. They have also been writing poems about this. To Find out more and read some poems by children in other schools, visit our Underneath the Ice website page. You may even find their poems on the website soon!

Tuesday 11th January 2022 Year 2 Glaciologists

Today Year 2 children became Glaciologists, found out about what it is like in Antarctica and investigated melting ice. Why not try our NUSTEM melting ice activity at home? All you need is some ice cubes and bowls to put them in.

15th March 2019 Family Space Explorers


This morning Reception children and their families took a trip to Mars with Little E the robot rover from the book “Are we nearly there yet?”. When they got there they designed the Mars landscape and built Mars rover vehicles to explore this new world. For more information about the robots in “Are we nearly there yet?”, more books about space and for activities for you to try at home, click here.