Wednesday 25th May Reception Bubbles

Today Reception class have been investigating different ways to blow bubbles. Why not try our non-messy indoor bubbles at home? You only need a teaspoon of washing up liquid and sugar and a straw to blow bubbles with. Go to our STEM at home bubbles page to find out more.

KS2 Palaeontology and Electricity Loans Boxes June to July 2022

This half term, Marine Park Primary have borrowed our KS2 Palaeontology and Electricity loans boxes. To find out more about the boxes and for related activities you can try at home, click:

Palaeontology loans box

Electricity loans box

Thursday 12th and Friday 13th May EYFS bubbles and magnets

On Thursday and Friday NUSTEM have been in Reception and Nursery classes to help the children to investigate bubbles and magnets. To find out how to blow almost mess free bubbles on a flat surface at home, go to our bubbles STEM at home page or to make a magnet game, go to our magnet maze STEM at home page.

Friday 6th May Reception Robots

Today NUSTEM visited Reception class to investigate robots and simple coding. Reception children all got a game and instructions sheet to bring home. More information about the game and other activities can be found on our Robot Coding STEM at home page.

Tuesday 29th March 2022 Year 5 Materials Scientists

This afternoon, Year 5 became materials scientists, testing a variety of materials for their different properties and finding uses for them. We have a few activities that you might want to try that use materials you would find in your house.

Bridge building challenge– use card, pens, rulers- whatever you can find to build a the strongest bridge

Insulating ice– which of the materials that you can find around your home makes the best insulator?

Build a nest – can you use materials from around your home to build a nest that will keep an egg safe?

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th January 2022 EYFS Marine Engineers

This week children in Reception and Nursery have become marine engineers and investigated floating and sinking. To try a simple floating and sinking activity at home, using only tin foil and coins, visit our NUSTEM at home Foil Boats page.

5th December Year 5 Glaciologists

This afternoon Year 5 have been finding out about what happens underneath the ice in Antarctica. They then wrote their own poem about this. To Find out more and read some poems by children in other schools, visit our Underneath the Ice website page. You may even find their poems there soon!

30th November EYFS Lighting Engineers

Today Reception and Nursery have been lighting engineers and investigated light and shadows using torches and dark dens. Why not try our Shadow Tubes STEM at home activity, which uses only a torch, toilet roll tube and cling film.

Wednesday 11th December Year 5 Cryptographers

Today Year 5 came into our Think Lab at Northumbria University to become cryptographers. This involved encrypting and decrypting messages and discovering how this keeps us safe online.

For more information about careers which use cryptography, activities you can try at home and a secret message to decode from NUSTEM, click here.

27th February 2019 Year 4 Palaeontologists

Today Year 4 found out about the methods that palaeontologists use to look at the past, and discovered how this helps them to predict the future. Click here to find out more about what palaeontologists do and for more activities you can try at home.