Wednesday 4th March Year 5 Astronomers

This afternoon, Year 5 became astronomers and found out about the development of the telescope throughout history as well as about the role of women in astronomy. They discovered what stars are made from and how astronomers know this by analysing the light they produce. To find out more about astronomy and to try some activities at home, click here.

Tuesday 14th January 2020 Year 4 Materials Scientists

Today, Year 4 became materials scientists, testing the properties of different materials and deciding what they could be used for. Click here to find out more about what materials scientists do and for fun activities to try at home.

6th November 2019 Year 1 Systems Engineers


This afternoon, Year 1 became systems engineers. They designed, created, tested and improved marble runs to see how long they could get the marble to roll for. To find out more about systems engineering and to discover some fun activities to try at home, click here.


Thursday 3rd October Reception Bubbles

Look Bubbles!

Today Reception children had fun with bubbles and predicted what would happen if they blew bubbles with different shaped wands. Click here for more bubble information and activities.

17th January KS2 Systems Engineer Family Workshop

On Thursday afternoon Key Stage 2 children and their families came to our family systems engineer workshop. Click here to discover more systems engineer activities that you can do at home.

16th January KS1 Family Systems Engineer Workshop

On Wednesday afternoon Key Stage 1 children and their families came to our family systems engineer workshop. Click here to discover more systems engineer activities that you can do at home.

20 March: The Solar Physicist

This morning, I’ve been in Rainbird Academy working with the Y5s and 6s. We’ve been learning about the science of the Sun and have been talking about the work of Solar Physicists.

Here are some images from our infrared camera.

1 February: Botany, Magnets and geology

This morning Luke and I were at Rainbird Primary school. We’ve explored magnets with Reception, became brilliant botanists with Year 1 and then held rocks from space as geologists in Year 3.

Each class was kind enough to let me take videos of their class pets with my microscope.

You can find the snakes video here and the grasshopper video here.

26th June: The Botanist

Today we’ve been busy at Rainbird Primary School

This morning Year 1 became brilliant botanists and you can find out all about it by clicking here.

23rd June: The Naval Architect

Goat on a Boat 05What a busy afternoon Rainbird’s Year 2 class has had. We’ve been exploring floating and sinking with a little help from the youngest Billy Goats Gruff. We’ve designed, tested, taken measurements and redesigned to ensure that the goat made it safely across the river.

Now you’re back home, follow these steps for more floating and sinking fun:

  1. Go into the kitchen and find some aluminium (tin) foil.
  2. Build another boat and make it float in the sink.
  3. Test out your boat by adding 1p coins to it – home many will it take before it sinks??
  4. Try out a different boat design, change the shape of your foil and test it out again. Is it better or worse than your first design?

To find out exactly what we did in the session click here.