NUSTEM at Stephenson Memorial Primary School 2022-2023

NUSTEM is an outreach group based at Northumbria University. We believe that STEM should be accessible to everyone, for study and for pleasure, from early years, through school, to employment, and beyond. We support children, families and teachers to feel more confident that a career in STEM is for ‘people like them’.

KS2 Electricity and Light loans boxes June – July 2022

This half term Stephenson Memorial Primary have borrowed the KS2 Electricity and Light loans boxes. To find out more about our loans boxes and for some related activities that you can do at home, click:

Electricity loans box

Light loans box


8th February 2022 Year 6 Underneath the Ice

Today Year 6 children have been finding out about what happens underneath the ice in Antarctica. They have also been writing poems about this. To Find out more and read some poems by children in other schools, visit our Underneath the Ice website page. You may even find their poems on the website soon!

Tuesday 25th February Year 4 Materials Scientists

Today, Year 4 became materials scientists, testing the properties of different materials and deciding what they could be used for. Click here to find out what materials scientists do and for some fun activities you can do at home.

Friday 31st January 2020 Year 2/3 Palaeontologists


Today,  Year 2/3 became palaeontologists, exploring fossils and using pollen samples to investigate how the earth’s climate has changed over millions of years . For more information and activities to try at home, click here.

Friday 13th December Year 6 Cryptographers

Today both Year 6 classes came into our Think Lab at Northumbria University to become cryptographers. This involved encrypting and decrypting messages and discovering how this keeps us safe online.

For more information about careers which use cryptography, activities you can try at home and a secret message to decode from NUSTEM, click here.

Tuesday 3rd December Family Structural Engineers

Inmarsat building, Wikimedia Commons

This afternoon, families joined the NUSTEM team for a drop in structural engineering activity. We challenged you to design and build the strongest bridge possible, and to test this by hanging 100g weights from the centre of the bridge to see how much weight it would hold before it collapsed.

How did you do?

For more building activities to try at home using inexpensive, household resources, click here.

What is a structural engineer?

Structural engineers are focused on all aspects concerned with buildings and built structures, such as houses, hospitals, office blocks, bridges, oil rigs, ships and aircraft. They work to understand, predict and measure aspects such as the strength, stability and how rigid buildings are. They also work to develop new designs or modify the designs of buildings or structures which are to be constructed and are responsible for choosing the appropriate materials, such as concrete, steel, timber and masonry, to meet design specification.

Attributes: observant, committed, tenacious

There are many different kinds of engineers. We have lots more career information and activities related to different types of engineers for you to try at home.  Click here to find out more about wind energy engineers, click here to learn about sound engineers, and click here to discover more about mechanical engineers.



14th November 2019 Year 5 Astronomers

This morning Year 5 became astronomers and found out about the development of the telescope throughout history and women in astronomy.  They also discovered what stars are made from and how astronomers know this by analysing the light from the stars. To find out more about astronomy and to try some activities at home, click here.

28th June 2019 Y4 Geologists and Y6 Medical Physics

Today Year 4 became geologists, observing and investigating meteorites which are rocks from space. To find out more about geology, click here.

Y6 have been learning about how we can use physics and technology to look inside the human body and about which professions use medical physics. To find out more, click here. 

19th June 2019 Year 2 Systems Engineers

Marble Run Close UpToday Year 2 became systems engineers, designing, creating. testing and improving marble runs to see how long they could get the marble to roll for. To find out more about systems engineering and to discover some fun activities to try at home, click here.