Wednesday 26th February Year 2 Botanists and KS1 family Workshop

This afternoon Year 2 became botanists and investigated Venus Fly Traps. To find out more about botany, click here.

After school KS1 families became systems engineers, and designed, created, tested and improved marble runs. Click here for more activities to try at home.

Wednesday 12th February 2020 Year 5 Astronomers and KS2 Family Workshop

This afternoon, Year 5 became astronomers and found out about the development of the telescope throughout history as well as about the role of women in astronomy. They discovered what stars are made from and how astronomers know this by analysing the light they produce. To find out more about astronomy and to try some activities at home, click here.

After school, KS2 families became wind turbine engineers, designing the blades for wind turbines and testing them to see which shape would turn the turbine the quickest. Click here for more information and activities.

Friday 18th October Reception Most Magnificent Engineers

This morning Reception class read “The Most Magnificent Thing” by Ashley Spires. In this story the main character discovers that she can’t always get it right the first time, she need to try, try and try again.

Reception class then became engineers and built their most magnificent marble runs. They also found that things don’t always work the first time, and they had to try, try and try again. In the end they all did produce a marvellous creation.

For more activities related to marble runs to try at home, click here.

Wednesday 9th October Y3 Palaeontology

This afternoon Year 3 became palaeontologists, exploring fossils and using pollen samples to investigate how the earth’s climate has changed over millions of years . For more information and activities to try at home, click here.



26th May: The Botanist

Magnifying flytrap-1650thinToday we’ve been busy at Bailey Green Primary School

This morning Year 2 became brilliant botanists and you can find out all about it by clicking here.

25th May: Medical Physics

We’ve been with Year 4 today learning all about applications of Physics in Medical care. You’ve seen X-rays, an infrared camera and a pulse oximeter. Can you remember what they all do?

Head over to the NUSTEM Medical Physics page to learn more.

2nd May: Bubbles

By blowing air through a straw into a dish of bubble fluid we could create a mountain of bubbles, boasting a rainbow of colours

We’ve been in today blowing soap bubbles of all sizes with reception. All sizes, but not all shapes – and maybe you can describe why that’s the case?

See the NUSTEM Bubbles page for more things to do and explore.

20 May: Naval Architecture (with goats)

Goat on a Boat 05What a busy morning Bailey Green’s Year 1 classes have had. We’ve been exploring floating and sinking with a little help from the youngest Billy Goats Gruff. We’ve designed, tested, taken measurements and redesigned to ensure that the goat made it safely across the river.

Now you’re back home, follow these steps for more floating and sinking fun:

  1. Go into the kitchen and find some aluminium (tin) foil.
  2. Build another boat and make it float in the sink.
  3. Test out your boat by adding 1p coins to it – home many will it take before it sinks??
  4. Try out a different boat design, change the shape of your foil and test it out again. Is it better or worse than your first design?

To find out exactly what we did in the session click here.

21st March: The Botanist

Magnifying flytrap-1650thinToday I’ve been busy at Bailey Green Primary School

This morning Year 2 became brilliant botanists and you can find out all about it by clicking here.

Space Careers Assembly 26 March

Thank you Bailey Green for a brilliant assembly on Thursday and some fantastic answers to the questions that I asked you.  I hope that you enjoyed learning more about the jobs that you could choose in the future, if you would like to have a career in space.

We talked about the science behind the solar eclipse and aurora.  Here’s a video showing what the aurora look like – I hope you enjoy it.

We also looked at great space careers: astrobiologists, astrophysicists, satellite engineers, aerospace engineers, geologists, researchers, astronomers and many, many more!

Lastly, we watched a video about the Virgin Galactic and an entrepreneur called Richard Branson.  The video talked about Richard’s dream of flying people into space, and how this dream is nearly a reality.  Maybe one day we’ll all go into space.

So remember, dream big, think big and work hard. You can achieve amazing things now and in the future.

See you soon!