Friday 1st July Reception Bubbles

Today Reception children have been investigating different ways to blow bubbles. Why not try our non-messy indoor bubbles at home? You only need a teaspoon of washing up liquid and sugar and a straw to blow bubbles with. Go to our STEM at home bubbles page to find out more.

30th June Year 1 Materials Scientists

materialsToday Year 1 children became materials scientists and investigated materials using weight, electricity and magnets. Why not investigate how strong the materials in your home are by trying our NUSTEM at home Bridge Building activity?

28th June Year 6 Environmental Planners

Today Year 6 became environmental planners and used old maps of the local area to discover land uses in the past, then planned coastal defences for the future. Go to our Environmental Planners page to find out more!

Monday 27th June Reception Robots

Today NUSTEM visited Reception class to investigate robots and simple coding. Reception children all got a game and instructions sheet to bring home. More information about the game and other activities can be found on our Robot Coding STEM at home page.

EYFS/KS1 Build a City and Cubetto Loans Boxes June – July 2022

This half term, Carville Primary have borrowed our EYFS/KS1 Build a City and Cubetto loans boxes. To find out more about the boxes and for some related activities you can do at home, click:

Build a City loans box

Cubetto loans box

Friday 11th March Reception Magnet Scientists

This afternoon Reception class investigated magnets and made a magnetic game. If you would like to try some STEM activities at home, go to

Wednesday 9th March Year 3 Geologists

This afternoon Year 3 became geologists and investigated meteorites. If you would like to try some STEM activities at home, go to

26th January EYFS Glaciologists

Today Nursery children became Glaciologists and investigated melting ice. Why not try our NUSTEM melting ice activity at home? All you need is some ice cubes and bowls to put them in.

7th February 2019 Key Stage 1 Family Workshop

This afternoon Key Stage 1 families became systems engineers and deigned, built, tested and improved marble runs to see if they could make the marbles roll for longer and longer times. To find out more about systems engineers and to discover ideas you can try at home, click here.

29th January Year 3 Geologist and Year 5 Medical Physics

Today Year 3 became geologists and investigated real meteors which are rocks from outer space! To find out more about what a geologist does, click here.

Year 5 found out about different careers available in hospital other than doctors and nurses, and discovered how technology and physics allow us to look inside the human body. To find out more click here.