6th March 2019 Year 3 Materials Scientists, Year 6 Medical Physics and Key Stage 2 Family Workshop

Today Year 3 became materials scientists, testing the properties of different materials and deciding what they could be used for. Click here to find out what materials scientists do and for some fun activities you can do at home.

Year 6 found out about medical physics and how they could look inside the human body using physics and technology. To find out more about medical physics, click here.

After school it was the turn of the Key Stage 2 families to become systems engineers, thinking creatively about how they could use their components to design a marble run system. Click here to discover more about systems engineering and to discover more activities that you could try at home.

4th March 2019 Year 2 and Key Stage 1 Family Systems Engineers

Today Year 2 and Key Stage 1 families became systems engineers, designing, creating. testing and improving marble runs to see how long they could get the marble to roll for. To find out more about systems engineering and to discover some fun activities to try at home, click here.

10th July: Bubbles

20150710_085921(1)Today we were outside exploring science with bubbles. We blew bubbles from lots of differently shaped wands to TEST how the shape of the wand affected the shape of the bubble and noticed that all the bubbles were SPHERES. We also looked at all the colours that we could see on the surface of the bubbles.

For more information and activities that you can try at home have a look on our page all about bubbles.

25th February: Meteorites @ Oakfield

Y4s at Oakfield investigating meteorite impact craters.

Y4s at Oakfield investigating meteorite impact craters.

Today I’ve been back at Oakfield, visiting Year 4 in the Junior school – we’ve had a lot of fun!

Like Monday, the children have had the chance to visit the planetarium in their school hall and explore objects from the far reaches of our solar system – meteorites.

Mrs Prinn and Mrs Brown’s classes were fantastic today and have all the skills needed to become geologists! If you’d like a little more detail about our meteorite workshop, click the link below.

Link to meteorite workshop.

I’ll be back at Oakfield on Friday working with some Year 6 children who will be performing a science show to the whole school during the afternoon – wish us luck!


The pictures below are Mrs Prinn’s class investigating impact craters and observing meteorites that are 4.57 billion years old!

Make a Kaleidoscope

One of the things you asked us for was instructions for making a kaleidoscope. How about this? — filmed last Friday here in Think Lab, Northumbria University.

23rd February: Oakfield Science Week

This week I’m spending some exciting days supporting Oakfield Infant and Junior School’s science week. Across the school, the children have been exploring the universe from the comfort of their classrooms, the playground and the Centre for Life’s planetarium!

On Monday and Wednesday, Y2 and Y4 are handling objects from the far reaches of the solar system in our meteorites workshop. We’ll add a link to some meteorite notes when we’ve finished writing them (!), and in the meantime here are some photos from Monday’s workshop:



January 2015: Lunar Diaries

A full moon

A full moon

It’s 4pm on a snowy Monday afternoon and I am hoping that the Oakfield Lunar Diaries have arrived at their destination safe and sound. Within a couple of weeks, the diaries should make their way into the school bags of every child at Oakfield to help you investigate the moon in the run-up to your science week at the end of February.

If you would like a little more information about the Lunar Diaries, a spare template or some other interesting ways to explore the universe from the comfort of your living room (or back yard) visit our activities page here.

I’ll be visiting Oakfield for science week and can’t wait to explore the universe with you!